SoundID uses all new, effective algorithms to bring you world-class sound detection and recognition Our system requires only minor tweaking to optimise it for different sounds and it really works!!

We have the hardware and software to change the way you monitor and recognise sounds.

SoundID is all new with, no classifiers, no FFT no AI.  This is not just another 80%  accurate (20% inaccurate) system good for a limited number of sounds, with lots of false positives,  that leaves you frustrated, but something truly professional that can recognise any sound with better than 95% accuracy .  What is more it can recognise any collection of sounds of any size (that need not in any way be related).

SoundID: At last a sound recognition system that really works!!

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                                              SoundID for Sound Recognition and Monitoring

Australian King Parrot

Recognise any sound - wildlife, marine, industrial, mechanical, for artificial intelligence, robotics or whatever, at better than 100 times or more  faster than real time and with an accuracy